These horses have had a wonderful experience moving to permanent homes with great families. Here are their stories!

Half Pint

Half Pint today!

2021  13 years of enjoying the good life.           

His adoptive family tells us that “ Half Pint is wonderful, healthy and happy. He has a big mare, who is his best friend. They are inseparable. ( she belongs to a friend of mine.) He is on meds for Cushing, but veterinarian says he is in excellent health. He is such a joy…..I just wish I was younger so that I could adopt more of these wonderful Mustangs.”  P. M. 3/28/21

Half Pint
Half Pint when he was first adopted.


Chance was rescued by Ever After Mustang Rescue and adopted to a couple in Massachusetts.  Chance has become trusting of his new family.

This is “Nevada’s Gold Chance” today. He was rescued by Ever After Mustang Rescue of Biddeford, ME several years ago at auction in Skowhegan, ME for final destination – slaughter in Canada. He was approximately 12 yrs old at the time.

Mona Jerome, founder of EAMR, evaluated this gelding as being very shy and mistrustful of people. With care and gentle handling he was being readied for a special horse person(s) who would understand him.

Along came Sonja & Bob Cahill of Tewksbury, MA who offered him a good home with their now-retired Mustang mare, who had excelled in trail & driving.


Sonja states that there was something about this lovely shy palomino that pulled at her heart-strings. He seemed to be waiting for someone – maybe someone he trusted in the past or could trust in the future. He was ever vigilant and seemed resigned to his fearful life.

Mona advised the Cahill’s to just let him be a horse again, and not ask too much of him – perhaps an inch at a time! Well, in time all those inches added up to where today Chance is working quietly under saddle also with the help of EAMR clinician, Donna M. West and the HorseTenders’ trainers in NH. He has learned to TRUST, is becoming more confident, and is eager to hit the trails.

Sonja Cahill – September 2009

Feather & Whisper

Feather and Whisper are both doing well and I can say they have not been overworked.

Feather is wonderful and besides Brumby (Who died 2 years ago from colic) is the best horse. She will go out alone and go through anything. I have had every age person on her and she is so kind and gentle. Feather is not ridden as much and has a little problem leaving or being left by Whisper. (He is getting better) I do occasionally ride him but Whisper is so much easier. He is still a great horse. He is so great with kids in the pasture and you can put them on him and he will stand or walk slowly (probably the only time he walks slowly) He is a ham and will come running when the kids rattle the chain on the gate or call him.

I do not know if I ever told you but Whisper is great with the farrier and vet. You would never know she ever had a problem.
Sue (Guthrie) Paradis – December 2008

Feather & Whisper



Scooter is a “gem”! He is very gentle and laid back; and we thank you for the kindness you gave him and all the other “boarders” you have. 



Freedom (on left) was placed in his new home December 26, 2006!  As you can see he will join Amanda (on Diamond) with or without a rider.

Freedom (on left)

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