Wild Mustangs Riding Ring Lighting Project

horse for ring lighting fundraiser

We are so grateful to Rick LaChance, who is organizing this fundraiser to benefit Ever After Mustang Rescue Training and Educational Center. 

The riding ring lighting project is asking for funds to install new (more efficient) LED lighting parts in the 70’ x 100’ indoor riding ring. WESCO has graciously donated the light fixtures and Rick’s electrical business is poised to install these fixtures with no labor cost whatsoever. All we need now is the parts (wire, boxes, and related hardware) and a rented scissor lift. A total of $2600.00 will cover the expenses needed for a community project in shining a bright light above these magnificent animals which would improve the rescue’s ability to use the ring in the evening hours.

Thank you Rick, WESCO, and all those who are donating to this cause.

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