Our volunteers ride horses too

Mustang Volunteers Needed

Do you love horses?
Do you like the outdoors?
Do you like physical work?
Can you spare 3 hours a week?

Do you want to try something new?

Then join our group of dedicated volunteers. No experience necessary!

Doreen cleaning the barn
Doreen, hard at work, helping to maintain our image.

Our volunteers are committed and caring. They help with barn tasks and direct care of our resident horses. If you wish, you can learn new skills in the gentling and training of wild horses and see the amazing results first hand.

The horses teach us the skills to improve our personal relationships, raise our self esteem, and reduce stress.

If you prefer to assist with simple barn chores, we welcome you. Not all volunteers need to ride to enjoy our horses.

Richard and Normand
Richard, who brought us, and named Norman - - otherwise he might have been known as Veal.

Don't delay - Join us today! You will be glad you did.  

Ever After Mustang Rescue welcomes volunteers in a variety of ways!

How can you help?

Mustangs in The Snow