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Mustang Rescue, Rehabilitation & Adoption

Ever After Mustang Rescue is excited to be presenting an informative and entertaining evening at the elegant Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine on May 26, 2018 from 4-7 pm

One of EAMR’s own former wild horses will be present on this beautiful beachfront property for all to meet and interact with throughout the afternoon. The event will also begin with appetizers and cash bar, providing time for socializing and meeting with the evening’s presenters, which include:

John Steele, noted wild horse photographer, will share outstanding photos of the magnificent Onaqui and Swasey herds in Utah and his personal connection through a Pecha Kucha presentation. (John Steele Photography, Camden, Maine).  (Click here for more information on John Steele and his presentation)

Mary A. Koncel is a Program Specialist with the American Wild Horse Campaign, a national wild horse and burro advocacy organization, and an Adjunct Instructor at the Center for Animals and Public Policy at the Tufts/Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, with a research interest in wild horse adoption. Mary will address current issues and the uncertain future of America’s wild horses.

Mona Jerome, Founder/Director of Ever After Mustang Rescue Training and Education Center, will speak to the need for, and work of, the rescue and how the dynamics have changed over her 35 year journey. She will also speak to how the horses and the work we do daily serve as a connection, not necessarily to a moment in time, but to a mindset of growth and an environment of honesty and respect. The Mustangs require this out of the people around them, and Mona has mentored both the horses we rescue, but also the people that help us to rescue them.

Daniel Boothby, Jr, Director of Sports Performance, Northeastern University and an Ever After Mustang Rescue board member, will address the many and diverse therapeutic programs our horses and rescue now offer and the new partnerships these programs have created.

The deeper influence that Ever After Mustang Rescue can have on the Mustang population and Human population alike is profound, healing, and important.

Ever After Mustang Rescue is requesting sponsors to join us at the Nonantum on May 26th to present these speakers, new programs, and one of our Mustang horses. We are proud of the daily work we do to rescue our horses, and now we ask you to help present what our horses can do for ALL of us. We are asking for $500 sponsorships for branding at the event, as well as recognition in subsequent press releases. We ask that all share the FB Post and Twitter with the hashtags - #growthmindset #humbledbyhorses.

We appreciate your consideration and hope you will join us at the Nonantum Resort in beautiful Kennebunkport to see the network of people we now have involved. Thank you for any form of your support, whether financial or just by spreading the word and building our synergy!

To become a sponsor of this event, please call (207)284-7721 or email


Mona Jerome, EAMR Director


More info on presenter John Steele

I have only been involved with the Art World for the past 20 years but have always had a camera in and out of my hands. I am a Pharmacist by degree and retired from the U. of Utah Orthopedic Hospital.

Even before retiring I had started my own personal project in Vietnam, which has taken me back four times photographing what none of us could allow ourselves to see, the Vietnamese as Human Being. I served there in the late 60s and had many questions. This March I will return again to document the 50th Anniversary of My Lai, I was there for 40th.

My hope is my images inspire an appreciation and reverence for my subjects, to influence you to become a steward and advocate for the health and wellbeing for all Earth’s creatures, people and the areas they inhabit.

Our Nation’s Wild Horses are family for me and are in need of your Voice as special interest wage their war for the land they have resided on for the last 550 years without any regard for them or their existence. The herds you will be shown this evening are from the Onaqui & Swasey herds.

Our Mission

Ever After Mustang Rescue is a nonprofit organization that rescues and rehabilitates previously adopted mustangs and either transitions them to new homes and useful lives, or offers life-time care to unadoptable horses.

We offer educational programs and mentoring to prospective adopters and other interested persons in the care, handling and training of the wild horse.

We promote interest and awareness in America's Wild Horse through presentations to schools, organizations and other groups.

Our Goal

Mustang Rescue

Our goals are to protect and preserve the health and well being of the American Mustang after adoption.

To provide assistance to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and to adopters through all means available (mentoring, clinics, workshops, etc.).

To educate the public on the value and merits of the breed which in turn will increase the success of future adoptions.

And to reach out to young people "at risk" by creating hands-on opportunities to work with gentled mustangs.

About Us

Mona Jerome, Director

Mona Jerome, Director

Bush Brook Farm was built in 1980 on 63 acres of land, to be home to a 6 year old mustang. It was a long time dream of Mona Jerome and made possible by her devoted husband Brad. It was just the beginning of something bigger and of greater importance.

Mona followed her passion for wild horses and volunteered many hours assisting contractors for the Bureau of Land Management at New England Satellite Adoptions, participated in yearly wild horse workshops offered by least Resistance Training Concepts throughout the west, and learning about the wild horse from those with many years of experience. In addition she has attended and participated in clinics with nationally known trainers.

In 2002, with the encouragement and help of Brad, Mona founded Ever After Mustang Rescue, Training and Education Center. Since that time it has been a refuge for unwanted, neglected and abused mustangs. With nearly 30 years of experience Mona has facilitated the healing of mind and body, restoring the horse to the proud, intelligent creature he is.

Education continues with every horse we work with and continuing to attend workshops and training clinics.

The rescue places an average of 2-3 horses a year to approved homes. The success of these placements can be viewed on the Alumni page.

The Rescue Center is also host to several yearly clinics, workshops and training programs for horse owners and any interested parties. See our Events page fmi.