Mores Horses in Need

The horses listed on this page have not been admitted to Ever After Mustang Rescue but we would like to help these horses find new homes.

We are currently looking for qualified foster homes on a temporary basis to provide attention and care for horses needing placement. Hay, grain, vetting and blacksmith care will be provided by the rescue. For more information on the foster horses, please contact Mona.

Urgent need for home for 13 yr. old stallion

Horse availableavailable horseavailable horse

Loveable, leadable, little training. Donations will help pay for gelding and relocation.

15H Bay Mare

15H bay BLM branded mustang mare, sweet and willing. Rock steady at walk/trot. Has done trail rides bareback and in English saddle. Tolerates cars, lawn mowers, tractors, etc. Not spooky. To good lifetime home only.

Young Burro

A young burro is also in need of a home.